io9 Newsstand: Best Stories from the Week of February 22 - 28

I'm enamored with the craft of all this week's stories, their use of structure and the choices the authors made with voice and point of view. These stories all deal with culture and fable and the need to return and return again ritualistically to the same places, relationships, and crossroads. » 2/27/15 10:17am 2/27/15 10:17am

io9 Newsstand: What Are Your 5 Favorite Stories of 2014?

Every week since the beginning of July I've highlighted my favorite stories and authors, and here at the end of the year I have some solid contenders for Best of the Year. And since it's time to start thinking about what should go on award ballots and in anthologies. So what are your favorite stories this year? » 12/26/14 11:05am 12/26/14 11:05am

io9 Newsstand: Best Stories of the Week for December 1 - 7

This week's stories explore memory and remembrance, and are thus excellent to read at the end of the calendar year. The act of remembering gives our lives meaning. So does forgetting. And when the days are shortest, we have more time in the dark to recall, let go of, or re-imagine memories, histories and lives. » 12/05/14 10:40am 12/05/14 10:40am